Optima stock broking applies a share trading process that is client-centric and based on the company’s renowned market research capabilities.

Our clients enjoy a highly personal service and benefit from lean and responsive systems of the highest calibre. Optima’s investment approach, research, responsive system enable the experienced team to rapidly exploit profitable trading opportunities for clients.

Optima’s highly effective share trading process is complemented with advice and research adding value to the efficient back office operations in Tanzania and the region.

These attributes and practices have substantiated Optima position as a corporate broker of choice in Tanzania.

Our Services

The products and services offered by Optima, range from traditional trade execution to full service stockbroking in local equities, derivatives and fixed interest instruments.

Client Centric Approach

Optima directs all activities towards each client’s individual portfolio, from the review of  local and international trends and developments to the buying and selling of new investments.

The valuation of companies based on economic developments and projected earnings is a dynamic process involving stock valuation and monitoring market developments and industry reviews.

This rigorous approach may reveal valuation and trading opportunities for investors due to pricing anomalies between the researched value and market prices.


On a daily basis the various Optima research division provide their clientele with the most up to date market research information of the highest calibre, ensuring that Optima clients are given the upper hand to invest in Tanzania and region’s opportunities at the most profitable point in time.

This extensive research coverage encompasses most of the listed companies in Tanzania.

Optima’s unrivalled research takes an in-depth and incisive bottom-up approach to each company, enhanced by quantitative and technical analysis to complement the study of specific sectors.

The objective of Optima’s market analysis is to provide clients with a practical, decision-shaping and wealth-enhancing tool, thus enhancing profitability. All research data is presented to clients simply, succinctly and promptly, together with unambiguous recommendations supported by very clear and obvious reasons. This method of presentation not only endorses Optima’s convictions, but ensures that clients have the understanding to be confident investing with Optima.

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